Tailored Investment Strategy

In partnership with Clearwater Capital, we offer a specialist Tailored Investment Portfolio Service to accountants and SMSF administrators.

The service aims to ensure that SMSF Trustees are:

  • Able to meet their obligations under superannuation laws, and

  • To meet each member’s retirement objectives

Our Individual Approach

We work in collaboration with the Trustees of the SMSF and their accountant/SMSF administrator to provide the following services:

  • Review the current investment strategy and asset composition of the SMSF

  • Review the profile and retirement needs of each member of the SMSF

  • Conduct an investment risk profile with each member

  • Match these factors against the ATO’s guidelines

  • Determine if the investment strategy is compliant

  • Offer investment ideas and strategies that will ensure compliance

  • Provide a second opinion (if you have an existing investment adviser)

  • On instruction from the SMSF Trustees, either co-manage or manage the updated investment strategy and portfolio

  • Draft an updated SMSF Investment Strategy document

  • Review the Investment Strategy at least annually

SMSF Investment Management

We manage SMSF assets towards meeting the individual investment strategy and objectives of each SMSF, and the fund members. 

This unique approach provides tailored investments to suit each fund and ensure its regulatory compliance.  Capturing the unique structural and taxation benefits of the SMSF structure is integral to our approach.

In order to achieve these outcomes, we establish an individual investment plan for each account we manage. 

The plan is developed in conjunction with the fund’s trustees and advisors. It outlines an execution plan for the investment strategy established by the fund’s trustees.

This approach to managing SMSF assets provides a plan to address:

  • The return targets, investment time horizon and risk tolerance

  • Capital preservation requirements

  • Liquidity and income requirements

  • Asset class diversification

  • The prescribed asset allocation established by the trustees in the fund’s investment strategy


The investment plan will consider all assets held in the fund regardless of where they are managed.  This approach helps ensure optimal management of the entire SMSF.


Fee for Service 

We offer our SMSF Investment Review & Strategy Service on a fee for service basis.

The fees are determined by the type and level of services required by the Trustees.

If we are engaged to co-manage or manage the SMSF investment portfolio, we will charge an ongoing investment management fee based on the total value of assets of the SMSF.

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Our Investment Team brings over 90 years of combined investment management, strategy and advisory experience.

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